young, gorgeous & a dream to photograph!

October, Autumn Colours, a beautiful couple, sunshine and a great location – made for a great afternoon taking pictures! At first thought, you might think that the closed down, derelict hospital in Spalding might not be the best place to take pictures but it was quiet, nobody watching and some great hidden corners turned out to be a dream. The plan was to go inside as there is supposed to be the old equipment, graffiti, and the old blinds but there was no way in – it was boarded up good and proper and there was no way i was going to get a criminal damage and trespassing conviction!! So we just hopped over the fence and found some outdoor spots! I really aimed to capture the character of Deanna & Chris. Deanna on her own – serene, beautiful, young and a little bit awkward but tough at the same time – she had great skin, beautiful eyes and was a dream to photograph! Chris on his own – young, handsome, edgy, tough and one of the boys – but together – this is when i couldn’t snap away enough – remember being in your late teens? when you look at your partner like you adore them, you think they are reeeaaaalllyyy hot, you know what each other are thinking and the rest of the world doesn’t matter??? well they were just like that! 

We used orange leaves, old stairs, a pile of burnt rubbish, the boarded up windows, an old bench, a broken hut and the outdoors as backdrops. Deanna and Chris had loads of ideas for themselves, were up for different ideas and in the end we got a range of different style photographs – something for them to keep and look back on when they are old like me!!!!

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