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I LOVE second shooting at weddings and i love having a second shooter with me just as much. Up until now I havn’t been using a second shooter a great deal but on the handful of times I have, I have always been so thankful for their company, their images and their artistic eye.

Even though I am now approaching my fourth wedding season, I still second shoot a few times a year. I feel its really important for me to continue growing and developing my photography. As a second shooter, you don’t get the ‘key shots’ as that is the role of the main photographer, so you may be standing at the back of the Church or up on a Minstrels Gallery or round a corner. While the main photographer is doing groups, you spend your time focusing on candids, smaller family group pictures or zooming in to get individuals within groups. The main photographer may be over running a little on time, so you may be asked to whizz over and get the details for them. Its about standing back, observing, watching the main photographer, using a different lens to them, getting a different angle to them and no matter how much I love what they have set up, my job as a second shooter is to look for something completely different. All of this is a challenge … it pushes me to look, i mean really look! In addition, the pressure is off me – everybody is looking at the main photographer so I can breath, experiment a little and watch for those little moments.

When I have second shot previously, sometimes it is unpaid, sometimes I will receive travel expenses and sometimes I will receive a small daily rate, depending on the length of the day between £50 – £100. I guess you have to remember I don’t have to edit any of the photographs for the couple so for me it is about enjoying the day. I will take the lead from the photographer as to which they prefer and occasionally I have shot on their Memory cards and then handed them back at the end of the day and so to this day, have never seen the photographs! Each main photographer, I have second shot for has been different, some will leave you to their own devices and just see it as company and a bonus, some ask you to cover specific elements of the wedding and some ask you to use a certain lens through most of the day.

If I really love a venue and there is the time, I will take alot of time photographing the location, the building, the details in the venue because it is really good to blog about those venues you love in case future brides find photographers by the place they are getting married.

 So, if you have got this far then you are probably interested in second shooting at weddings and would like to do this a few times before you go for it yourself! I too, am interested in having a little bank of second shooters that I use this summer. I plan to ask each couple if they are happy for me to bringg a second shooter or an assistant along for the day but I need to have second shooters that I can trust, that I enjoy working with, that wont let me down and that are going to represent the Summer Love Photography brand … because while you second shoot, you are part of Summer Love Photography for that day.

Sometimes I am super busy with a list of formals, that it would be fantastic to know that I have somebody there getting the candids, all those hidden moments that often go on and being a sole photographer, you sometimes miss.

Or sometimes, it is incredibly hard to get to the venue so I can photograph all the details and the reception room before the guests arrive and start placing their coats on the backs of chairs and their handbags at their place settings. As a result, I may need to ask you to head across there first and start photographing all the beautiful details creatively.

Would you like to come and second shoot with Summer Love Photography? Build up a wedding portfolio that’s from a creative and different angle to the traditional key shots? If so, I would love, love, love to hear from you!

Most of my 2013 weddings are within East Anglia stretching from on the Norfolk Coast (yes steam railway weddings, beach huts and the beach weddings) through to Norwich, West Norfolk, Thetford and Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and within fenland. Some are vintage, rustic, DIY, some are in beautiful stately homes and some are gorgeous traditional church weddings.

If you are interested in second shooting and would like more information from me – please do drop me a line to Jo at letting me know where I can see more of your work (doesn’t have to be a website – facebook, flickr, blog is absolutely fine) and i will send back to you what I am looking for in a second shooter, my terms and conditions and payment options and we can go from there!

Really, really looking forward to hearing from you.

Jo xx

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  1. Penny Rumbelow

    Hi Jo,
    I would really love to secondshoot with you and have the opportunity to develop my portfolio, you can see some of my work so far either on the above website or find me on facebook –

    Thanks Penny

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