Top Tips for Planning your Family Shoot

Planning your Family Shoot

Norfolk Family Photographer

Are you thinking of having a family shoot this year? Family shoots are something which can be treasured forever, especially when it captures you doing something you love as a family. If you are struggling to decide on a location, what to wear and what accessories to take, here is a guide for you.


What is your favourite season? Maybe you love the cosy warm atmosphere of autumn and winter, or prefer the bright vibrant colours of spring and summer. Each different season brings different possibilities of colour schemes.

If you choose an autumn or winter shoot, think, layered clothing, chunky knit jumpers, hats and scarfs, rather than bulky coats. Its good to all be on the same theme. For example if one of you wants to wear wellingtons, all of you wear wellingtons.

Norfolk Family Photographer

Norfolk Family Photographer

On the other hand, if you choose to have a spring or summer shoot, think along the lines of light pastel colours and wearing navy instead of black. Its also nice to have children running around bare feet, weather permitting.

Norfolk Family Photographer Norfolk Family Photographer


Clothing and Accessories 

Its a good idea for everyone within the family group to be on the same theme, but not to the extreme of being identical. For example: smart casual, nautical, vintage or eclectic. Have a chat between you all on what you plan to wear. Some of the obvious things to avoid when thinking about clothing options could be; patterns, large logos, children in disney tops, and shoes such as running trainers. This is mainly to prevent the photos from dating within the future.

Norfolk Family Photographer Norfolk Family Photographer


A few families choose to bring along accessories in order to give the shoot a more styled and individual look. A few examples within the past have been; pastel homemade tents within the forest, nautical themed accessories for beach huts, apple crates in the autumn, and one person styled their shoot with a full on Up theme.

Norfolk Family Photographer Norfolk Family Photographer Norfolk Family Photographer Norfolk Family Photographer


colour wheelSomething that I often suggest to families is to take a look at the colour wheel. This can can often give ideas as to both complimentary and contrasting colours. Complimentary colours are often found opposite each other on the wheel. For example, blue/greens and pinks or purples and oranges. Mustard yellows and oranges also compliment well, especially for autumnal shoots.


Where do you like to spend time as a family? Are there any locations which stand out as special to you? If you like to spend your weekends walking your dog through a forest or being in your garden, then somewhere with trees and greenery may suit you. Alternatively some families may choose locations such as the beach, as it may bring back childhood memories, or simply as it allows the children to run around freely.

Being based in the countryside, quite a high number of family shoots take advantage of the surrounding landscape, including use of the fields, riverbanks and big skies.

Family Portrait, Norfolk

Family Portrait, Norfolk Family Portrait, Norfolk

There is always the option of individualising the shoot, purely based on location. Past families have used their own family farms, town and even the fairground.

Family Portrait, Norfolk

Norfolk Family Photographer Autumn Wedding Inspiration

If you are stuck on locations to have your shoot, feel free to ask as I know loads of hidden corners in and around the local area.

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