The Why ….

Why I am a Photographer

teenage portraits, king's lynn, norfolk

As I approach being in business now for 5 years, which in itself is unbelievable – the time has flown, I often find myself wondering this winter the why – why am I photographer, why do I love photographing people, why does it get me, what is it about it that is magic? I know I feel happy, I love what I do and I am thankful everyday that I get to do this but I have been wanting to dig deeper and understand the why. You know when a 2 year old responds with a ‘why’ after each statement or conversation that has been me just lately and it has gone something like this …

I love what I do

why? – it makes me feel happy

why? – there is an element of escape as you find yourself lost in the moment of that shoot, its like everything you have goes into that

why? – its like for that time, the world stops apart from you and those in your frame

why? –┬áit captures us as people and puts a picture to our emotions

but why do you love that? – so that when you see a picture, you remember a feeling, an emotion, a smell or that moment in time

anything else? – there is a feeling I cant describe when a little bit of magic happens!

That’s it … sometimes magic happens, sometimes a picture evokes an emotion or a memory, sometimes the world stands still. That’s The Why ….

Family Portrait Photography, King's Lynn, NorfolkThe magic happens, the sunshine burns away the dampness of the grass, quietly I photograph the little girl lost in her thoughts as though the world stands still around her.

Family Portrait Photography, King's Lynn, NorfolkBoys that are too cool for school, let themselves go, laugh all the way from their tummies as if no one else is around them.

Wedding Photography - Summer Love Photography, King's Lynn, NorfolkCouples that are incredibly shy and nervous about having their pictures taken, climb over a fence, enter a field and completely rock it.

teenage portraits, king's lynn, norfolkA strong independent woman is not afraid to show her vulnerable side, places trust in me and for that time shows me her true self.

Wedding Photography - Summer Love Photography, King's Lynn, NorfolkIts been a long day, I’ve been working since the early hours but the music comes on, everybody gets a little crazy, I allow myself to get lost in all of that, get in there and capture the craziness.

Studio Family Photography | King's LynnThe love, the relationships, the closeness with engaging smiles – A picture about love.

Wedding Photography - Summer Love Photography, King's Lynn, NorfolkThose little moments that happen without prompting – you remember when you were a little girl and just wanted to get married and wear grown up shoes.

Wedding Photography - Summer Love Photography, King's Lynn, NorfolkAs they walked up those steps – Holly said out loud exactly what so many think on their wedding day ‘I’m so happy’ – lost in their day and their moment to share this out loud.

Wedding Photography - Summer Love Photography, King's Lynn, NorfolkSecret whisperings that they only know about and their picture will remind them of those words.

Family Portrait Photography, King's Lynn, NorfolkLaughter between the family, only they knew the joke, only they knew what was said – I imagine in years to come when seeing this picture – conversations will start ‘do remember what dad said…’

Wedding Photography - Summer Love Photography, King's Lynn, Norfolksometimes its all about what goes on behind the main scenes of your wedding day – sunset, warm weather, beautiful women and fun – it makes magic.

Redfox RetreatsGoing to new places, experiencing new things, having an open mind and an open heart to everything that is in front of you – feeling lost in that time, giving it your heart and soul. For me that all makes up the why.

What’s your why?

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12 Responses to “The Why ….”

  1. Carolyn Mendelsohn

    Lovely post Jo! My why? I love to create photographs, I love the magic of it all, and the ability to make an image that is full of emotion or compelling to look at just fills my heart with joy and wonder. Whether it is one I look at, or one I am creating.

  2. admin

    yes Carolyn – there is something about the magic isn’t there. I adore your work and always think your images are compelling. Jo x

  3. Emma Walker

    lovely words Johanna, beautifully written. I think we should all stop for a moment and ask ourselves why? about love, life, work and everything in between xx

  4. admin

    I am trying to so much more Emma. xx

  5. Laura Rees

    Lovely blog. Every day I see my memories of our wedding day captured in your photos. I love them. They show the most intimate moments that I’ll cherish forever. Keep doing what you’re doing you’re amazing x

  6. Lel Hurst

    love this post, so honest and heartfelt x

  7. Charlotte

    Lovely post Johanna and a great selection of images! I love the photograph of the flower girl and the shoes <3 x

  8. Meghan

    i loved this! I loved seeing your passion and your talent and your beautiful eye all in one place. It’s an honour to see people through your lens. xo

  9. Jessica Barone

    such a fantastic post! Your images are lovely and I get a good feel for your style and passion. My why I think is wonder… I am so curious by nature, photography just works for me to explore my world. It is a part of who I am and what I love.

  10. Kay Maguire

    Such a wonderful post and I love all the laughter to be seen in your photography. I think that pretty much sums up why I take photos – it makes me happy!

  11. Isabelle

    What a beautiful, feel good post! The smile of each and every people in your photo is contagious! As for the why, well, I crave beauty and emotion. Beauty in a larger sense of course, a photo doesn’t always need to be pretty, as long as it’s soulful. I can easily get lost looking at photos, and I do look at them, for me it doesn’t stop after taking or editing them xox

  12. Boo

    I love the sharing in this post – of all the answers to all the why’s as well as your introduction where you describe so well what you love about what you do x

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