Steph, Alyn & Cass

Steph is one of my bestest friends – we met as trainee probation officers, had a girly holiday in Turkey, some real laughs and have stayed in touch. We have both grown up a bit, had babies, got married and settled down and sometimes we don’t see each other for months but when we do it is like it was yesterday! Steph and Alyn have a little boy Cassius and I have been honoured to photograph him growing up. He is turning into such a handsome young boy who is so happy, lovable and has an infectious character. Last time I photographed Cass at the age of 1, we used their garden but as he had begun to toddle around he fell over, hit himself on a brick wall got a bruised cheek and a sore lip – not risking that one again!!! So we put all our stuff together and went to High Lodge at Thetford Forest. We chose a quiet spot, not too many people about and had great fun taking photo’s. I really enjoyed this – there was space for Cass to run around, his parents chasing after him, playing with bubbles, balloons and making sure we had time to find all the climbing frames!

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