Reverse Bucket List

Big Sur, California

Last year, I shared my bucket list with you (bucket list) but how much better would you feel if you approached your Bucket List like a back to front bucket list? A focus on all the things you have achieved instead of getting caught up in what we haven’t done. ¬†All too often we forget to appreciate all we have achieved.

As a result I thought I would work on a reverse bucket list and reflect on life so far in order to celebrate what I have managed to achieve and to feel grateful. What better way to boost your wellbeing!

I am sure I will have missed mentioning loads of things but Ive tried to focus on things that have made me laugh, when I have felt happy, when I have felt at peace and comfortable in my own skin and of course moments of proudness. Why not work on your reverse bucket list!

Statue of Liberty, New York

  • Sneaked off for an afternoon to the cinema on my own
  • Eaten out alone
  • Road Trip down Highway 1 in California
  • Drive a left hand drive
Highway I California Highway 1, California
  • Been to a spa break on my own
  • Photographs published in a magazine (and recently published my own magazine!)
  • Worked abroad as a teenager
  • Had a girly holiday where it was all about dancing and drinking
  • Stayed in a water bungalow in the Maldives
Valigandu, Maldives, Water Bungalow
  • Travelled solo with my daughter through Mexico
  • Went to a Mexican wedding
  • Visited stonehenge at sunrise (in the days you were allowed to walk round it)
  • Had a camping trip solo with my daughter in a 2 man tent with no real plans other than it was school holidays and I had a tent in my car.
  • Learnt to line dance in America and saw Garth Brooks live.
USA Flag
  • When living alone, replaced my fireplace, put up arcitraving and decorated all by myself.
  • Renewed my vows in the Maldives
Renewal of vows, Maldives
  • Won a channel 4 award for my work with Asylum Seekers in designing a welcome pack
  • Kissed somebody who was kind of famous (Curiosity Killed the Cat??)
  • Been to a retreat
Redfox Retreats
  • Got from Switzerland to the UK with no money and jumping trains (until I attempted to walk on a Ferry and needed to call my mum to wire money through to be able to get home!)
  • Had amazing city breaks and holidays in Europe
Europe Cities
  • I have 2 Degrees but secretly always wanted a Masters
  • Both myself and my daughter were bridesmaids for my best friend
  • Visited Downton Abby
Downtown Abby
  • Finally going in far enough to take my feet off the floor to snorkel – took me 5 days!
  • Witnessed the birth of my grand daughter
Birth of child photography
  • Worked in Europe as a teenager
  • Cross Country Skiing in Austria
  • Part of a strong female Photography Group
  • I was a single parent for 8 years that gave me so much strength
  • Cycled over Brooklyn Bridge
  • Had some amazing holidays
New York San Francisco

I am sure I have missed off loads of things but it is only with looking back that I appreciate all the amazing places I have visited and experiences I have had. Try your reverse bucket list.




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