Rebranding of Summer Love Photography

Time for a Change



After being in business over 5 years, it was time to have a bit of a rebrand, a freshen up and move forwards. I had had my last logo from the beginning, yes it had had a new colour palette but it done me well and I loved it for a seriously long time. However, this year I really noticed my photography and the style of weddings I photographed begin to shift. Not only that my tastes too. I am not somebody who moves fast in terms of fashion and if I like something, I pretty much stick with it until I personally fall out of love with it, hence not doing a rebrand until now.

I worked closely with Leanne from Brand Me Beautiful and together we talked about colours I loved, colours I didn’t, a feel for my photography, the type of look I wanted, general ideas and what I wanted to portray. It was important to me that it still had the Summer Love feel but a more luxe and grown up version.



As much as I love the script fonts, I knew I needed something much more simple and easy to read for my logo. My initial thoughts were to have a touch of gold but when Leanne sent through the rose gold – I knew it was the right colour. After a couple of rounds of samples, pulling different elements from different samples we nailed it!


I often make up little stickers for when I wrap my prints and parcels so it was nice to have a stamp made up incorporating the colours and fonts and something I could use in place of the full logo. I love these and find myself using the S and L intertwined a lot on my packaging and stationary.




This was the first colour palette I received and in honesty, I loved it straight away. I didn’t look to change the colours or ask for anything different – Leanne just got me and my business.




As I love script font a great deal and had decided not to use it in my logo, a decision was made to use it as headers on my blog and website. The reason for naming the blog ‘The Journal’ comes from being a keen journaler myself and often writing pages on thoughts, awareness and inner exploration. I want to bring this to my blog. I have done a number of personal posts over the last few years ranging from The Why, to the Can You Make me a Size 10 to Trips I have taken¬†and I hope to bring more of these to both my blog and to monthly newsletters.



I have had stationary notes made up so that I can send you a little thank you card when you book and a note card with your USB of images for information about printing etc. Who doesn’t love stationary.

All of this leaves me with my branding board complete and ready to share with you.



I hope you love it as much as me and its been helpful knowing the thought process behind it all. Would love to know your thoughts.

Jo xx

Branding work completed by Leanne at Brand Me Beautiful

2 Responses to “Rebranding of Summer Love Photography”

  1. Leanne

    It’s so exciting to see the rebrand launched Jo! You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m so pleased with how everything turned out. Here’s to a new year with your new look! Hugs xo

  2. Carolyn

    i absolutely love your new branding and your siite Jo! It is just gorgeous , just like you and your work x

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