Mylana’s 16th

Oh to be 16 again! Everything you wear and do just looks fab! Loved, loved, loved this photo shoot!

These pictures are part 2 from my earlier blog of Mylana with her lovely family. After all the family pictures, Mylana and I took off and did some pictures of her on her own -casual and relaxed, then in her stage wear (keep your eyes peeled for the next star amongst us – this will be my claim to fame!!!) and then a few more chilled ones. Mylana had this wonderful way of ‘just looking’ at the camera and it all seemed to fall into place – incredibly photogenic with a natural ethereal beauty to her. We used the nursery grounds which gave us some great back drops ranging from stacked pallets, barn doors, tractors and inside the glass greenhouses, which were wonderful for light as it filtered the sun and gave such a soft feel to the photographs. I love the photographs in her stage wear – we wanted to create a fashion edge that used different poses to illustrate the different sides to her music and the show side of her – ranging from soft and introspective to strong and edgy.  The pictures may look sunny and warm but hats off to Mylana who was prepared to go bare shouldered in November – she was ever the pro!

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