Mini Shoots …. Behind the Scenes

With my Spring Mini-Shoot weekend coming up soon, I thought I would share a little peek behind the scenes of my successful Autumn Mini-Shoot day last November.

The first thing I will do in preparation for the Mini-Shoot Day is go location spotting, I will look for a place that represents the season, has some natural interest and is a fairly quiet spot so that those that book on don’t feel like lots of passers by are watching them. This helps them to relax and enjoy the experience of having a photo shoot. I loved this little spot on the edge of Sandringham Forest, how could I not – a carpet of orange leaves, big old tree’s, back lit with the morning sun and side lit with the afternoon sun, the fence and completely out of the way!

I will often take a few props with me for the mini shoot day – not too many as my aim is to ensure the final images are about the people, the emotion and the relationship between them but families and children often take some comfort in having something to sit on, stand on or lean against! I like to check out the light so i know how I’m going to shoot and in what direction for different times of the day. I will organise and prepare ahead this much as the day literally races by with families arriving at their dedicated time and not alot of breathing time in between to prepare for the next session. And this is pretty much how it works – I set up in a location and people will come to me for their mini shoot on that day. Its a fantastic opportunity to gain a few family pictures if you are on a budget or if you are camera shy and want to try out a taster session.

Sessions will usually last 30 minutes (sometimes a little shorter and sometimes a little longer), we will use the location, I will ask you to interact with each other and on this day things like … kicking the leaves, making a leaf angel, standing on the tin box and jumping, walking together, playing peek-a-boo … lots of activities to keep the final images looking natural, at ease and of course so that you all enjoy yourselves!

On the day of the Autumn Mini-Shoots, I asked Shellie {Lacey-Mae Photography} who is currently undertaking lots of photography training with me if she would like to come along for the experience and in the process do a few behind the scenes images so that I could share these with you!

So this was me on the day … crouched on the floor, encouraging general silliness, shooting through leaves, kneeling and ensuring i was wrapped up warm in lots of layers in the process! These are some of the end results too …

Sound good? After the success of doing mini shoots last year, I have decided to have a Mini Shoot Spring Weekend … yep, not just a day but a whole weekend! This gives you greater flexibility to pick a day at the weekend that suits you. I have chosen a location in Wiggenhall St Germans that is just outside of King’s Lynn. It is a 13th Century Church ruin, which has no roof but the remainder of the walls, doors, archways and window outlines are still intact. Inside there is a sea of grass and flowering bushes that grow up the walls and through the windows. Outside of the church ruins, there is gorgeous stone walls, long lush grass and big old tree’s that I have everything crossed will have some blossom on. It is right on the riverbank and is completly out of the way of people so you can relax and have a fab time!

The Mini Shoot is perfect for families but also lots of other reasons to have a shoot! How about a couple shoot – Engagement photo’s or to come along to have some pre-wed pictures done? A Maternity Bump Shoot? Your pet? Baby? A group of teenagers or just your girlfriends getting together or even just yourself – just because as a treat!

If you think you may be interested, whilst some spaces have already filled up, I do have a few spaces on each the Saturday 13th April and Sunday 14th April remaining and would love to hear from you if so. The session is £50.00 and includes me, my camera, a good time, all the editing and 5 High Res JPEGs emailed across to you for you to print away until your hearts content. There is the option to purchase further images but absolutely no obligation! You can email on, to find out more and book your space. Look forward to hearing from you. Jo xx

10 Responses to “Mini Shoots …. Behind the Scenes”

  1. Heidi

    Brilliant Jo! I love the insight into the mini shoot. It gives your families a really good understanding of what to expect and I loved seeing the final images after seeing the ‘in progress’ photos. Great. Wish you lived closer – I’d be down like a shot!

  2. Kat Hill

    Looks like you have a lot of fun doing what you do! And even better, it looks like everyone else has a great time too 🙂 Fab to see a behind the scenes! xx

  3. Karen Flower

    Great insight into how you organise these mini shoots Jo. What a lovely set of images too. Love the gentle autumn tones.

  4. Shellie Ball

    I would just like to say Thank You for the lovely opportunity to be part of this. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and to Jo for taking me along to get experiance at watching a photographer that is fab at her job.
    I would recommend anyone to the briliant photography workshops Jo provides, ive learnt so much.
    I have loved every minute.
    Once again Thanks to you all.
    Shellie xx

  5. Charlotte Bryer-Ash

    Fab photos Jo! You look very warm all wrapped up:) Great to see a behind the scenes, and that little boy looks absolutely adorable!

  6. hannah walker

    ahh what a lovely insight Jo! x

  7. Cristina Rossi

    Gorgeous Johanna! I think mini shoots are a great idea and I love the images! x

  8. Becky Male

    I loved hearing about your behind the scenes side of your business. The little baby on top of the suitcase is a real sweetie too!

  9. michelle waspe

    looks like so much fun!! really interesting to see an insight to how it all works.. and lovely photos too xx

  10. Lauren Baker

    A really good idea. Great to see behind the scenes and the thought you put into location and lighting. Love the little dude on the suitcase, great photos! xxx

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