March Reflections

March Madness

This was the month we saw both snow and the first signs of spring. The completion of two weddings and getting back in to the swing of busy season being around the corner. Thinking ahead to a brand new website with new branding. The relaunch of the newsletter. Participation and commitment to a business mastermind. Who said March was quiet time?

March Snow


This was the month we saw snow for more than a day, it hung around and I found myself with cabin fever after a few days. It got to the point where I braved the snow drifts just to get out of the house and head off to meet wedding clients. Im not a lover of the cold and even when the snow might look beautiful outside, I would still much rather be in the sunshine.



And then just like that, as the snow melted away, spring seemed to come alive. It was like mother earth stretched, yawned and pushed her way through it all to show us she was ready. Im ready … Im ready to be outside, do the garden and feel the warmth on my face.

March was also the month wedding season commenced here at Summer Love. It started with an associate wedding completed by Arienne, she headed over to the beautiful The Red Barn to capture the beautiful wedding of Lowri and Chris. This venue on the outskirts of King’s Lynn, is one of my all time favourites.

The Red Barn, Norfolk Wedding


The Red Barn, Norfolk Wedding


The following week, I headed over to Holkham Hall for the wedding of Michaela and James. The weather at this wedding threw everything it had at us – snow, wind, rain and even sunshine but the day was full of warmth, smiles, connection and kindness. An incredible venue and an incredible day.

Holkham Hall Wedding


Holkham Hall Wedding

I also made the decision to start up my newsletters again. It makes sense as it is there, I can really be myself, share more of behind the scenes and hopefully share some useful pieces of information with you. I’m always on a journey, so its nice to share my learnings, my development and also those little wins. For example last week, I shared some aromatherapy blends for spring, a link through to a beautiful nature journal and a link to a blog post about planning your family shoot. If you would like to sign up to the newsletters you can sign up HERE. Following sign up there are three short welcome emails and then the newsletters are once a week.



And then last but certainly by no means least … I wanted to share with you just a tiny bit of my new branding. This is going to be a long time coming as I am building a whole new website, with a new vibe and feel which incorporates both photography and lifestyle. However Im going to be gradually introducing new elements of my branding this summer with your wedding photography packaging and as part of the newsletters before a launch in the late autumn. But for now, here is the first teeny tiny peek at the new branding with my new logo.

summer love logo


What do you think? I really wanted to have branding that reflected me as a person where I am today. This is a slow build as I really want to develop my business, create and nurture a community, feel connected in a whole hearted way and really be from my heart and soul.

That was March. Busy but equally reflective and thoughtful. Lots of preparation for forthcoming family shoots during April, whilst also keeping up to date with general day to day business. Whatever you have planned over Easter, have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

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