Justin & Laura get married!

Who doesn’t love a good wedding!! This was really rather wonderful …. it was my first wedding of the 2011 season and all the nerves came kicking back in, what if ….. i forget how to use my camera, i don’t know what to do, things go wrong – yep bit of anxiety – but actually it was fabulous, I had the greatest time! Just like riding a bike – you never forget – it all went swimmingly – as they say!

So i went over to Laura’s parents house near Scarning in Norfolk to photograph the bride preparation – i love this bit – the excitement, the nerves, the build up – all of this was here but the morning was so calm, toast and jam for lunch, one of the bridesmaids doing the nails and make-up, everybody talking and laughing and the usual ‘back bedroom’ being used as a dressing room!

I got over to Scarning Church, although a little windy, okay alot windy, you know it didn’t matter – the sun came out, the church looked beautiful and the Service was incredibly intimate! We had planned to use all the Church grounds for the family and friends photographs but after a week of lots of rain and there being no paths – we stuck with the front of the church and the paths – but it was about getting people together and having fun.

We all headed off to the groom’s mums for the reception, the amount of work the whole family put in must have been immense – the barn looked fantastic, the marquee’s looked stunning and the garden was beautiful. Everybody ate, drank and enjoyed each others company before the evening band (yes a band) and disco.

Congratulations Justin & Laura – Mr & Mrs Steward – thank you to their *very cute* son for helping me take lots of photo’s – Enjoy!

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