June Reflections

A Month Filled with Sunshine

Oh June, you really pulled out all the stops and showed how utterly gorgeous British Summers can be. It feels like the sun has shone forever, the roses have never been better, the fields are beginning to just have a hint of gold about them and all of a sudden I feel nostalgic for those enchanted summers I look back on as a child. I start to dream of summer holidays with picnics, bike rides, strawberry picking, walks, beach days and BBQ’s. I really do live in a a place of wonder (away with the fairies Mr G would say!) and there is something so enchanting about our beautiful country when we have sunshine. My mantra of ‘everyday my life is filled with sunshine’ really has become a reality this last month.


Something I do know about myself is that I am really lucky that my mindset is more often than not a glass half full type of person, I will look back remembering the positive and somehow my brain seems to filter out any negative. This month might have been incredibly busy with Summer Love completing 7 weddings, 1 party coverage, 1 christening and 1 pre-wedding shoot but somehow it has felt more relaxed and I feel like I’m going at a speed that is giving me a small amount of balance at the moment. I’ve had time in my personal life to pick my grand-daughter up from school a few times, see my son swim in a competition and achieve county times for 100m fly (FLY!!) and finally get caught up in my garden.

June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography

My garden is still a work in progress. Ive been sharing a few of the progress pictures over on my Instagram Stories and my garden and love of flowers has inspired my new branding and new website that is going to be launched in the autumn. I have a notebook full of ideas of how Summer Love is going to grow, hence the name change from Summer Love Photography to Summer Love Life, which will be officially launched and used as from the autumn. I have loved witnessing how the Summer Love journey continues and changes and it is so wonderful to be in a place where I have given myself space to allow myself growth and development.

June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography

I love these little opportunities to share with you a very short round up of the work we have been doing this month with just a few key images, hence the whole reason Ive started doing the monthly roundups. (All iPhone Pictures Above)

Associate Weddings

Roxy and Arienne have been busy this month with completing 3 associate weddings for Summer Love at beautiful venues and have really pulled all the stops out to produce heartfelt in the moment images.

June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography


I have also been lucky enough to photograph 4 weddings this month. Three full day full weddings and one intimate short day wedding. I know its cheesy but it still gets me every time how we are invited in to somebodies happiest day and they trust me to get so close for one day to photograph their most treasured memories. Family and friends are always friendly and let me just thank the universe right now for sunshine and dry weddings this month!

June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography

Other Photography

In addition to the weddings, I captured an incredible 1920’s themed party for a 70th birthday in the location of their family home grounds. Such a relaxed evening and the fireworks rivalled Disney and had everybody close to tears. This was a family man truly loved by all those around him. I also got to go back to see Fiona and Craig, whose wedding I photographed a couple of years ago. They have had a new addition of a baby girl called Harper to the family and I headed over to their family church to capture her special Christening. Harper is seriously the cutest and smiliest baby and every time I see her on Fiona’s Instagram she never fails to make me smile. Finally, I also had the opportunity to meet up with Jacqueline and Marcel ahead of their July wedding as they booked a pre-wedding shoot. We explored Castle Acre at sunset and I found so many lovely little hidden corners while wandering around with them that I didn’t know was there. I’m very much looking forward to their day – actually its my very next wedding!

June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography June Reflections, Norfolk Lifestyle Photography

Wow! What a busy month but in honesty what a treat too. July is much quieter in terms of work and it is my plan to keep my head down, work hard on the editing over the next few weeks before the six weeks school summer holidays, when I always just keep up with my ticking over tasks and slow down a little – we don’t get these school holidays forever and as my son’s are coming to an end, I want to enjoy them as much as possible with him (although he is probably wanting to play xbox in a darkened room!). I hope you enjoyed June as much as I did and have a wonderful July!


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