How to do a 6 month review of your Goals

Summer Solstice Review

Can you believe we are at the 6 month point of the year already. Sometimes I think the days are long but the months and years are short. With the summer solstice having just happened, I thought it was the perfect time to review my goals that I set at the beginning of the year. What better time when the sun is shining and we have so much time with such beautiful evening light to look back at how far we have come and whether we are on track to meet those goals. I use a process of having an over arching big goal and then break this down to my key goal and at my 6 month review stage identify 1 – 3 steps I have already taken and then 1 – 3 steps I still need to take.

6 month review of goals

Back in January, I initially write out ‘Where I am now’, Where I am going’ and ‘How do I get there’ and do this for each of the following areas in my life –

  • Spiritual
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships
  • Career / Business
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Free time + Family

These are all pretty descriptive and for me associated with feelings and its normal to have more than one goal under certain headings.. So for example in relation to my journey in the area of relationships at the beginning of the year I wrote

Where am I now? – Always busy working that I often find excuses and reasons why I can’t spend time with family and friends.

Where am I going? – Regular contact with my family and friends that is meaningful and fun.

How do I get there? – Go through my diary and set dates and times to see family and friends and keep them as sacred. Be realistic with myself.

By doing this, I get to have a description of how I feel in terms of where I am now, which as a ‘feelings’ person, I find easier to look back on and relate as to whether I still feel like that or not generally.

My next stage is to write a clear goal in that area and then the steps to make it happen. So continuing with the the relationships goal …

My goal – Time with family and friends

What steps will I take to make this happen – 

  1. Visit my nan once a month
  2. Spend a day with my mum once a month
  3. Have my grand-daughter over to stay once a month
  4. Adjust my working hours to do this

6 Month Review

6 month review of goals

Here we are already at the 6 month stage and as I look back at my goals, I realise that I have fallen short on some things but also made good progress towards others. I will look at each one in turn and identify 1 – 3 things that I have completed and then 1 – 3 steps that I still need to take. I used to give myself a score out of 10 as to how I was doing but I always felt disappointed with myself if I scored under a 5 (yes I have ridiculously high expectations of myself) so I switched to identifying what I already have achieved.

Here are a few of my goals shared with their reviews to give you a better idea ….

Career / Business

More variety in the types of photography that I do


  1. Take on less wedding bookings to create space in my diary for other types of shoots
  2. I have completed 18 other types of photography ranging from family shoots to Christenings to Party Coverage.
  3. Set up and developed Flourish + Thrive Shoots

Steps still to take:

  1. To build up Flourish + Thrive Shoots so that by the end of the year I have completed 5.
  2. Look in to commercial lifestyle photography and offer a special for a month to do lifestyle commercial photography

To be more visual and share myself authentically in my business


  1. Research and invested in a good platform for email newsletters. Commenced and maintained Summer Love News once a week where I get to share more about my life and happenings and behind the scenes through a newsletter.
  2. Once a week blog post sharing different genre’s of photography
  3. Pulled my personal and business Instagram accounts together so that more of myself is shared naturally

Steps still to take:

  1. To do more stories that show my face and my personality
  2. To complete a new website and branding that shows my personality (I have a new logo waiting, colours chosen, pinterest board and now just waiting for the website to be completed)

Free time + Family

To climb Mount Snowdon


  1. I now own comfortable walking boots (good start!)
  2. Practised with some hill walking at Easter
  3. I did walk on a regular basis to build up long walking up until May when busy wedding season hit – so partly achieved!

Steps still to take:

  1. Schedule time off work to walk 3 times a week that are shorter walks and then a longer walk twice a month.
  2. Book the hotels in Snowdon during September


To develop a passive income stream


  1. Signed up for and completed 4 months of business mentoring to have mentoring in this area
  2. Created an idea and rough outline for an online course and researched the automatic process

Steps still to take:

  1. Complete all the content and creation for the online course
  2. Have a launch period and date.

Moving Forward

6 month review of goals

Once I have reviewed my goals and identified what is still outstanding, I will break the remainder of the year in to two 3 month periods and identify what I am going to focus on during each period. I then break this down further into what I will focus on during that month. That way I stay focused. Believe me, I get to the end of the year and I havn’t always achieved what I set out to do but more often than not, I look back to how I was feeling through those first descriptive statements at the beginning of the year and I usually feel different. There might be further goals that have developed during the year but I have found this a good way to get at least some of those goals ticked off.

I always have the big over arching 5 – 10 year goals that each year these goals are working towards. These goals should almost make you feel fear when you say them out loud, almost like they are wave a magic wand goal – I know they do me! My lifetime goals include:

  • To have a 2-3 month sabbatical to walk the entire length of the Santiago de Comino
  • A Holiday home by the sea in Spain so I can spend winters in the sunshine
  • To run successful luxury retreats in Spain
  • To build a business where I can work from anywhere in the world

I would love to hear how you approach your goals, hear your lifetime goals and whether this was helpful for you.



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