Hopes for 2014 – Progress? {A Personal Post}

I remember when I had a day job, I would look forward to the Easter break and take a week off work and feel inspired by spring and the warmer weather being just around the corner. However now being self employed, it being the start of a busy season and juggling my boy being home from school, it is the start of a busy summer and those mummy juggling balls have to come out! Often friends and family will say to me ‘Oh you have such a lovely life – you work when you want to, you can take time off when you want to and it must be filled with sunshine, relaxation, the radio, long dog walks and so much freedom’! In my own head it would be like this too but actually I think I must be the toughest boss that there is – I never give myself time off, I set high expectations and I have never worked such long hours! As a result, the school holidays didn’t quite go to plan, they were busy and kind of scrambled with ‘stuff’ getting squeezed in everywhere! I managed to take one day out with my son and granddaughter and a Sunday afternoon at the beach, the rest of the time, I am not quite sure where it went!

I honestly would have thought that I would have found a balance by this point of being self employed and sometimes I find it and then I loose it again. At the beginning of this year I wrote a 14 for 2014, which you can read –here and I don’t seem to have found as much ‘Balance’ as I had hoped for. In fact, I have been completely pants at pretty much all of my goals for 2014 – but it is not too late to start! I am glad I felt like this and decided to go back and look at them to see how far I had come or not come as the case may be as it is better to realise this 4 months into the year as opposed to the end.

With this in mind, my hopes and dreams for my 14 for 2014 will be …

  • Walk the dog everyday and not find excuses for my OH to do it for me.
  • To have a holiday (or two!)
  • To take a sneaky day off once a month that is just for shopping, the spa or even a duvet and box set or sunbathing day.
  • To cherish my 5 generations in my family – visiting my nan, days out with my mum and daughter and having my grand daughter come to stay.
  • To find routine in my work so that there is structure and good time management.
  • To have clear boundaries with my time in my work and not answer those emails out of office hours.
  • To enter competitions – I never do this and you know what is there to loose.
  • To write more frequently on my blog sharing tips, advice and insights. Aiming for once a week.
  • To go back to reading books and getting lost in them. An aim of 6 books this year.
  • To value myself, my time, my business and my product so that I can continue to grow.
  • To keep one weekend a month clear for family time, days out or just lazing in my PJ’s.
  • This will be the year I move house.
  • I will launch an e-course
  • To learn how to bake a cake (I can make a mean lasagne or roast dinner but can still not bake a cake!)

Despite not being the best start or the most organised start to the year – it is never to late to believe that wonderful things can happen!

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