Hate having your photo taken?

So what happens when two photographers get together ……. we do what we love – take pictures, only it was of each other, which was really out of our comfort zone! I really needed a more up to date picture of myself for my website as the only picture I had was one taken my good friend Shirley – quite a few years ago – and if i didn’t change it soon – people would begin to think it was my daughter and not me anymore!! I had joined the Norfolk, Cakes & Camera’s group on Flickr and loved looking at all the local pictures taken by local photographers and stumbled across Sarah Brighton’s images of the North Norfolk Coast – they have big skies, long beaches, interesting perspectives and I loved them. That’s where it started – I got in touch, said how much i love her landscapes and asked if she would be interested in doing me some pictures – the aim was to have a beautiful landscape and i just happened to be in them!! We chatted and I agreed to also take some portrait pictures of Sarah – like a shoot swap!

We chose the Norfolk Coast as it is somewhere we both love and turned up on a drizzly, grey February day. We must have looked – lets just say ‘interesting’! Walking along the beach with big camera bags, Sarah dressed completely appropriately and me with a short dress on, big warm boots and a fur coat!! It doesn’t take long to get in the swing of it, become oblivious to passers by and do what you have to to get the shot. It was really good for me to be the other side of the camera and know what it feels like – Sarah made me feel comfortable and we had lots of laughs! It was a really good day, we plan to do some more photography days like this to keep things fresh (models always needed!!!) and hey – we did alright for a couple of people who hate having their pictures taken!

You can find Sarah’s beautiful landscape images on her Photo4me page –www.photo4me.com/photographer.asp?OwnerID=4151 and as you can see I used some on the ‘About Jo’ page on my website – www.summerlovephotography.co.uk

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