Forthcoming Cherish the Dress Location

Back in January I drove out to search for new locations for portraits when i remembered a derelict church on the edge of the A47 between King’s Lynn and Wisbech that i had no idea how to get to. Searched around and found my way – wow! i’m so glad i did! It was such a beautiful old building, wonderful features and set in open space. As i wondered around i could envisage a cherish the dress shoot here – the contrast of the old but beautiful building with arches, stone, doorways with the elegance of a beautiful dress – it would be rocking! It had given me a new location and that little butterfly feeling that tells you *oooo this would be good!*.

I didn’t want to wait for a booking, so got home and set up a little competition on my facebook page, twitter and flickr for somebody to randomly win a ‘cherish the dress or rock the frock (however you like to term it!!) shoot’. Had soooo many entries ….. I wish i could have photographed everybody that entered but i would have been there nearly every weekend of the year! Anyway the winner was the beautiful Lauren Taylor and she has got herself the most beautiful, lush and wonderful big pink strapless gown for the shoot – it is going to be FAB! We’ve planned it for April – hoping for blossom, spring flowers, greenness and a bit of sunshine!

So here is the place that is St Mary’s Church at Tilney cum Islington …………

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