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Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers

 Lily-Jayne Florist is a beautiful little workshop set in the heart of Lincolnshire owned by Alicia Gant, a creative Floral Designer. Alicia has always had an interest in floral design and describes herself as always being creative. “Until about 23 I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I went back to college, studied floral design and got some experience at a florist’s.” Summer of 2016, Alicia took the jump and ventured into her own business journey and so became Lily Jayne Florist, her business has grown quickly which is a true reflection on her talents.

 Booking with Lily Jayne Florist begins with a consultation in which Alicia talks with the bride and groom to-be and its a chance for them to put across their ideas and visions for what they imagine on their big day. Its a perfect chance for Alicia to to get an early idea of the floral arrangement they are looking for. “If their struggling for ideas I bring out my creativeness and get together some ideas for them and we can discuss as much as possible so we are completely on the same page.”

 Alicia then discusses with the couple any specific flowers they are looking for and if they have any preference in sense of scent and texture of flowers. Creating all different kinds of arrangements, Alicia decides with her clients what they want whether thats large arrangements or smaller ones, neutral or vibrant ones. “Its fun, no matter what I’m creating, I like to suggest ideas sometimes and it usually inspires people a little bit.

Flowers play an integral part on a wedding day and can complete a certain look of a venue or create a certain feeling of a wedding day. The floral arrangement chosen can completely change the look of a room and it can say so much about your personality. “Theres sometimes more vibrant and large arrangements and sometimes much more simpler and neutral arrangements, both are beautiful, theres so much you can do with flowers.”

Throughout 2016, Alicia was seeing a lot more pastel trends in floral arrangements for weddings. She didn’t have very many vibrant weddings. “Some brides were also beginning to like foliage and lace and it was all very country.” In 2017, she predicts much more foliage to become a trend. “I can tell from consultations already that brides are steering towards it.” Another floral trend this year is the green and whites, very neutral, very elegant and very classic arrangements. This is also a timeless look and as Alicia says; “there are trends to follow but you don’t have to go with them, its your day and it can be completely your own style that you like.

For a new brides-to-be Alicia would suggest looking for florists and arranging consultations as soon as possible as it can get booked up very quickly. “Even if you don’t agree on colours or flowers yet, I would just make sure you get your booking confirmed.” As this wedding season approaches, Alicia is already beginning to look quite booked up and she also has bookings already for next year. She would also advise looking through Pinterest to get inspiration. Alicia finds it much easier to see a couples vision when they show her pictures and although she doesn’t go exactly from the pictures, they give a good idea as to what the couple wants to ensure they are on the same page and what she produces is what they want for their big day.

Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers


Being in the heart of Lincolnshire, its brilliant for locally grown flowers. Alicia always tries to look around locally for her clients and use as much British grown produce as she can. If theres something a couple specifically want, Alicia can source from abroad and she has contacts that can bring her flowers to her workshop 7am the next day if needs be. “If a bride wants a specific variety of something I will do my utmost best to ensure she gets what she hopes for.

Alicia loves to express herself artistically when she isn’t working on floral design by restoring and painting hand-crafted furniture. She’s always looking at ideas that she can do for interior and her workshop was a reflection of this. It was filled with beautifully crafted furniture and a captivatingly designed flooring. It was full of handmade decor with stunning design down to the smallest detail. Alicia is currently learning Calligraphy as her next big venture and would love to offer that to clients as well as the floral design.

The next business step for Lily Jayne Florist is to one day come together with her sister to own a joint café and florist that also offers other strings to the wedding world. With her beautiful work and head strong ambition, I can see a very successful future for Alicia with Lily Jayne Florist and if your looking for elegant, tasteful and captivating floral designs for you wedding, I would advise a consultation with her as soon as you can.

You can find Lily Jaynes Facebook Page with contact details – HERE

Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers Lily Jayne Florist - Wedding Flowers


[Interviewed and Written by Maise Hunns as part of her Work Experience with Summer Love for her Journalism degree]

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