Family Love

The drive to complete this family portrait was amazing just for starters – on the way i got to drive through country lanes, passing fields, big skies and vast expanses of openness and on the side of the road – rows of landrovers, men and boys in traditional hunting gear carrying shotguns and pheasants (not everybodies cup of tea I know!) but wow what an interesting drive! It set me up for arriving at Tanya’s in Gedney Hill full of enthusiasm and looking forward to taking some photographs, especially as i had such a beautiful autumn day spoiling me. The portrait had been arranged for Tanya’s daughter, Mylana, who was turning the wonderful age of 16 (oh to be 16 again!) and we did the portrait in two halves – firstly lots of family and relaxed pictures and then more fashion style images of Mylana – so i’ll do this blog in two halves too – Family first! Meeting Tanya’s family was lovely, such a fun and vibrant family, extremely welcoming and relaxed – it really made my job easy! Living on a Nursery with greenhouses, haystacks, an expanse of land, barns, pallats, tractors etc meant we were spoilt for choice for both the family and more fashion style images.

Everybody put their wellies on and headed out to the haystacks which kept the boys amused as it had been their den for most of the summer and also gave a nice relaxed feel to the photo’s as the family could be on different levels, sit, stand, engage with each other and really just feel at home whilst i moved around and took their pictures! I loved the pictures on the haystack of the family laughing with each other – their relaxed and fun attitude really came through in the pictures! Mylana’s boyfriend, Sam joined us too for some of the pictures so got to do some nice ‘couple’ shots too and for a young man – he really wasn’t shy infront of the camera – they just kept giggling with each other, which was really nice to see! I loved how Joe the youngest would talk with me about his bird watching book, his binoculars and showed me the fab birds he had seen and marked off – he liked viewing himself on the back of the camera and it really kept him engaged, which for a young boy of 6 he did amazing – having a son of my own aged 6 – i know can be difficult keeping them engaged! I managed to get some photographs of the middle son Jared on his own too, which to me really seem to capture his character on the day – he was caring, responsible, relaxed and sensitive – asked questions, guided his younger brother and really wanted his picture taken! Mylana – she just threw herself into it, was so photogenic and a dream to photograph – wait till you see the fashion style images!

I’m sure like any family there can be arguements between brothers and sisters but for that morning they were incredibly loving, caring, supportive of each other and really came together so naturally! I loved this photograph session and that really is testamount to what a lovely family they were!

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