I love portrait sessions. They are about connection, soul and heart. I incorporate my love of big skies and the countryside and ensure your personalities shine through.

Family Portraits: Your Family, Your Way

All my family sessions are done in with a lifestyle approach. These means outdoors, relaxed and in an environment that you feel comfortable. We take a wander, chat and then when it feels comfortable, the camera is lifted and I capture your family your way. Its not about perfect, all looking at the camera but its about connection, relationships, engagement and being willing to open your heart to each other. There is direction but the direction is encouragement to engage with each other as opposed to looking at the camera with a forced smile. 

Female Portraits: Flourish + Thrive

What is to Flourish and Thrive? For everybody this will be different [I would love to hear what it means to you!]. For me it is to feel your best self, to feel free, to have space, to have a sense of contentment, to feel joy inside – like a light has turned on, it makes you smile and to feel like celebrating exactly who you are right in this very moment. To see the beauty both inside and out that everybody else see’s but sometimes we struggle to see ourselves. Each time I do a Flourish and Thrive Shoot, this is my intention to capture and bottle up for you.

I will allow enough time for your Portrait Session on the day so there is never any hurry or clock watching. It is really important that we all feel at ease and know we can take our time if needed, however it is my experience that between 1 – 1.5 hours is usually long enough.

Included with your Portrait Shoot is the USB of the final files and a surprise selection of mini prints all packaged together beautifully.


(This price is for a single family, couple or individual. For extended family portrait shoots, large groups etc please contact me for a bespoke quote)