Exciting Times

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Sarah, Simon and the beautiful baby bump! I first met Sarah on my first day at high school – all nervous, new uniform, lining up for form not knowing anybody – and we got talking, carried on talking, kept talking and stayed friends all through school. Over the years, we might have bumped into each other, said hello and had a quick catch up but its only with facebook and the process of adding school friends that you begin to catch up with people! Sarah already has 3 beautiful children and now with a new partner, Simon she is expecting her fourth!!!! Being roughly 6 months pregnant we arranged a ‘maternity photoshoot’ at her home near King’s Lynn. It was lovely to catch up but what was so lovely – is how gorgeous Sarah looked – a flower in her hair, sparkly eyes, a neat bump and even more lovely is how happy Sarah and Simon are. Everything screamed out about how happy they are – the way they looked at each other, the way they made each other laugh, the way sometimes i felt i was imposing on a moment between them, the care, support and encourgagement they gave each other (both confessed they hate having their photographs taken) – it actually made me go home, gush to my husband about how fab it was and ask were we ever like that!!!! So, back to the photographs – we started off inside, pictures of the bump, close up, from a distance using the lines and curves as central to the image and then beginning to take pictures wider as Sarah and Simon got used to the camera a bit more. Given their camera shyness – they looked down, looked at each other (that one was easy for them to do!), closed their eyes and only when they were more comfortable – looked towards the camera! We did a few changes of clothes, showed off her yummy bump and then went outside. Although it was cloudy and not the lovely sun i hoped for – it was a nice soft light and by this time they were far more relaxed and comfortable. After this the pressure was on as before i left they both said how they hate themselves in photographs – i so wanted them to look at the pictures and love what they saw – this was some of their comments ….

“jo i have to say were so thrilled with the photos so far ,we just cant wait to see the others”, “can not believe how good the rest of the pictures have turned out thanks Johanna Garlike at Summer Love Photography,,,,awesome!!!”

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  1. kathleen Emery

    Hello Johanna,
    Long time no see my darling, well well well who would have thought little Johanna would have ended up photographing her best ever school friend many many years after they had both left school to go there separate ways in life!…..
    What wonderful pictures you have taken of our beautiful daughter Sarah & her Handsome partner Simon, & knowing how they both have a dislike for the camera one can see how you have put them both at ease so they also could enjoy the experience along with you! wow you have captured them at a very happy time in there lives, as they are both so deeply madly in love,I can honestly say with my hand on my heart I have never seen my Sarah so happy. (except when she was living at home with us as a family 🙂 lol….
    Each & everyone of your pictures has so much to say if you look at them & study them for long enough,There is NO finer thing than two people in love wanting to give one another that very special gift in life to prove there inner feelings of love for each other “A CHILD” that is the “ULTIMATE GIFT OF LIFE’ one could give a loved one to prove “TRUE LOVE!

    The people who look at these professional pictures must take the time to study each & everyone of them to see how you Johanna have so amazingly cleverly captured all the wonders of LOVE I have said above with your passion & flair for photography ,This is just NOT SUMMER LOVE,,But true love for ever more, captured by a very successful professional photographer whom I am very proud to know thank you so much Johanna Jim & I would like to wish you every success with………………………………….. *SUMMER LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY*

  2. admin

    Hi Kath, long time no hear …. how lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for such a wonderful comment! I agree with you, Sarah and Simon are so happy, they have a lovely family and the new baby ‘H’ is just scrummy! xxx

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