Day in the Life of a Photographer

Ever wondered what it is like to be a photographer for the day? You must have seen those images that many photographers share that show such as these ….
What I thought I would do is share a very typical week day for me to show what it is like behind the scenes and how much additional work goes in to all of your shoots – its not all about carrying a camera to beautiful exotic places (Oh how I wish it was!).
A very typical Thursday ….
I am super lucky that each morning the other half brings me a coffee in bed while he gets up with the boy, Lucas. I enjoy the first half an hour of my day sitting in bed, the cat coming to join me, sipping coffee and catching up with social media on the phone. I know, this is a wonderful way to start my day and I feel blessed that the other half is happy to do this each morning (or is it that he feels there is no other choice!).
Once Lucas gets picked up for school, I get myself dressed! Years ago I would have gone straight to work in my PJ’s and then find myself getting dressed late afternoon but I told myself that I needed to start my day as if I mean business. I haven’t quite got myself to the stage of working from home in smart attire but I console myself that I have got dressed!!
Before I start my day, I will use some time to walk the dog and get outside to clear my head before I battle the to do list. That time outside just gives me a break from home to work. My brain is usually a little scrambled with ‘to do’ lists in my mind and sometimes a feeling of anxiety about how much there is to do and get through to be sure I can meet the time frame I set for clients. But it is all about balance, something I have learnt over the last year or so I have never given up that dog walk.
On a Monday, earlier int he week,  I have usually spent the first hour of my day writing what I need to achieve on each day this week, so a weekly planner with everything planned out of what I need to complete each day. When its done, I stop! I still need to fine tune exactly how much I can realistically fit in to a day!
On this particular day, I timed myself for 30 minutes of emails otherwise I find myself sucked in to answering emails. I always answer emails to my brides and grooms first so that they get a response within 24 hours and then if there is time after that I move through the remaining emails but sometimes they have to wait for the following day.
I start my day finishing off the edit of a Wedding from 3 weeks ago. I go through them all individually just to double check I am happy with each and every one and convert to black and white those that suit it. This takes me roughly up to lunch time. I would then pick out the images that represent the story of the day and create a personal slideshow for the couple. This is uploaded with a password for them to view while they wait for their images to arrive.
Next I do the finishing touches to a family shoot – the same process as above, checking each and every one. Before I know it, it is 1.30 and I haven’t stopped for breath, a break or to eat. I literally run in to the house (My office is in a converted out building) throw some salad in a bowl with a tin of tuna and some balsamic vinegar and go back to the office with bowl in hand. I use this eating time to catch up with social media, schedule a couple of posts on Facebook and Instagram.
The bowl goes on the windowsill as I carry on. I put all of the wedding and family images in order and upload each on to a USB and package them up beautifully ready to send.
Checking the clock, I have 45 minutes until the taxi drops off Lucas from school so I think I can sort through a recent pre-wedding shoot. I cull them ready to edit and then the food shopping delivery arrives – damn! I wasn’t feeling quite ready to stop, I wasn’t finished, I wasn’t where I had hoped to get up to!
I spent a while catching up with Lucas about his day but as soon as Mr G gets home, my mind was playing on the work not finished earlier so I headed back in to the office to do the first stage of the pre-wedding shoot images. The boys went to the park, therefore I used this time to get the paperwork and the cameras ready for another pre-wedding shoot this evening near the Norfolk coast. As soon as the boys walked back in to the house, I said my good bye’s, grabbed a protein bar to see me through the evening and drove over to meet the couple. I spent the next hour getting to know the couple and photographing them, enjoying this time outside. I felt relaxed and at ease and it was such a beautiful evening.
I got home at roughly 8.30pm and despite knowing all the images needed to be backed up – the exhaustion hit me and I just ‘stopped’.
Clearly, I am working in my business this day as opposed to working on my business. This is what happens in the middle of a busy wedding season! I write this knowing I need to update the galleries on my website, update the copy, write more blog posts and do some marketing and social media posts.  They are all on the to do list for when wedding season slows down! The hustle never stops! How does your day look?


5 Responses to “Day in the Life of a Photographer”

  1. Isabelle

    Whoever said working from home was easy? You are bus, girl! I can just imagine the craziness. I work outside from home but with a very nice schedule that allows me some creative time in the afternoon, after walking the dog, of course! xox

  2. Boo Marshall

    LOL! We have such a glamorous life! But I don’t think you or I would change what we have, just yet at any rate! Back to editing……. xxxx

  3. Kay

    Ah the ever glamorous life of a photographer! At least there is the flexibility of organising your own schedule rather than it being put upon you.

  4. Elena

    Working from home myself, I quite understand what it means to feel that busy (all year round) 🙂 Working from the comfort of your home can be beautiful but also extremely stressful… balance is not always easy to find. I think having your office placed outside your home is a good solution to help separate the two things, and allow you to dedicate yourself completely to your family when you leave your office.
    Also, let me say I envy the way you start your day!!! You are a lucky woman 🙂

  5. Lel Hurst

    Working for yourself and from home is so hard, it takes a lot of discipline not to get distracted by other things and even more discipline not to owrk all of the hours your are awake so it is great that you have buitl in the time just for you- and even better that you make yourself get dressed!

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