A Countryside Wedding // Laura & Alistair got married

Falling in love with love …

vintage country wedding, bride and groom portraits, norfolk

Being at this wedding made me fall in love with love again. Two beautiful young souls smiling at each other throughout the entire ceremony as if no one else was in the room! You know when someone smiles and they crinkle their eyes, squeeze the others hand and put their whole body in to that smile – that! That was pretty much the theme of the day – Laura is infectious and as a result the entire day was filled with those smiles as everybody relaxed, let their hair down, played games and rocked it on the dance floor. We all lost track of time and immersed ourself in the day.

Laura & Alistair – many congratulations. Here is the story of your day in pictures ….

Second Shooter: Boo Marshall

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  1. Jenny Spriggs

    What a wonderful reminder of a fabulous day! So many fantastic photos recording the mood of everyone present.

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