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Mid Life Travel to Costa Rica

Today I fly out to Costa Rica on a solo trip (well partly solo!). I haven’t travelled alone since I was a teenager and then I didn’t fly, it was hitch hiking, train and ferries in Europe and then in my 20’s with a young child to travel around Mexico – much more risky I hear you say. However now I’m in my mid life and I’m flying 13 hours to a country I have never travelled to similar before. Perhaps the rural areas of Mexico I saw 20 years ago may be similar? Im not sure. I have purposefully not read any horror stories, I never did before Mexico and who knew it was one of the most dangerous cities to be in back then. I have always had this view that there are more good people in the world than bad and help is never too far away when you need it.

Due to having my daughter so young, I never got to experience a gap year – although I always had pockets of travel before and after she was born. Its been a big thing in my life and something that is incredibly important to me but it all went on hold through the majority of my 30’s. The 30’s were a period of change, adaptation, putting the needs of my family first and adjusting to life but now here I am in my 40’s and although I still have far too many responsibilities to take a full gap year, I can have little pockets of travel in my life again. My husband often jokes with me ‘You are so lucky I let you’ – haha! He knows me so well that I would never look for permission – just an understanding that between us we can keep up with the responsibilities of family life and be there to support each others dreams.

So whats the plan … Im flying via Canada to San Jose and having 3 delicious nights in a hotel with a pool, walking distance to a super market and the opportunity to explore some of the city. I plan to adjust to any jet lag, read, journal, sunbathe (of course) and explore. After this, Im heading to a retreat held by the wonderful Meghan Genge in Uvita where it is all about embracing the magic of Costa Rica by visiting the rainforest, the pacific ocean, hot springs, local towns while in an intimate circle of women. A nourishing, soul searching, creating space retreat.

I have cleared space in preparation – all my editing and admin is up to date and I cleared out all my ‘stuff’ and had a big sale to pay for it. I emotionally and physically feel like there is space now for this break – space to create. So with journal and camera in hand, I head off. All will be quiet here but there will be little updates along the way over on my Instagram Page and my Facebook Page if you would like to keep up with my journey – otherwise, I’ll update on my return.

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