Close to my heart – {World Autism Awareness Day}

As it is close to my heart, i thought i would write a short personal blog on autism and how it has affected our lives …. Our little boy has been diagnosed with autism and the last year has been just the biggest learning curve – not only coming to terms and having acceptance of the diagnosis but also changing our lives, our lifestyle, trying to gain perspective of Lucas’s world, the way we speak and thinking about what we do!

When you meet Lucas, sometimes on the surface he appears to be a little bit naughty and noisy but underneath, kind, cuddly, loving and actually really funny. His lovely naive but simple way of viewing the world is infectious – you know the clock says 7.21 so it IS time to get up, episode number 18 of Power Rangers Dino Thunder is NEVER boring, if the sun is out then of course it is okay to take your top off, when you say the room looks like a bomb has hit it – he is looking for the fire, the workings of the car heater is AMAZING, its soooo much easier having your tea fed to you and at bed time mum HAS to play the same games every night! His little routines make his world safe and actually the world is a much simpler place for him – i think we all have so much to learn there!

I’ve learnt to talk in a postive way, use less words (which is a mean feat for me), talk in the right order – how many us say “right we are going to school now so we need to get in the car and put our coats on” and instead of giving 10 instructions in one – one is just enough!

Some days at school are good days and some are bad, if Lucas has hit you – it wasn’t an intentional, mean ‘I’m going to hurt you’, it is I’m having so much fun playing ‘IT’ that i didn’t understand you wanted to stop or that we should stop now, I love playing this so we all should love playing this and why would you be thinking anything different to me!! But this isn’t how it works is it – so life can be confusing, distressing and just emotionally exhausting! But when you shout or tell Lucas off – your face goes a funny colour, your mouth is shaped different and your voice sounds different – which physically looks very funny – so he might laugh too!

We’ve worked out these quirks but to a stranger he might seem just a little bit naughty but I promise you, his little but wonderful brain is wired just a bit different to ours ……

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