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Do you have a bucket list? Are there certain things you want to achieve, things you want to have, places you want to go?

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Its funny how we perceive our dreams as I was telling my husband mine and I described them as completely achievable rather than being way out there – I’ll probably never do that – type of ones. I read the first one out and his response was ‘I thought you said they were achievable!’ Interesting how we see things …
I thought it might be fun to share some of mine that I wrote in my journal roughly 2 years ago now and really pleased that I can cross a couple off and now I want to add more. When I look through my list, what seems to be important is that mine are all about experiences. I often have trouble justifying buying myself a designer handbag or expensive piece of clothing thinking that they really are not worth it but if some one said to me ‘this course gives you a new skill, or this retreat will give you greater clarity of mind, or if we go here the sun will be shining’ – well I’m a sucker for that and always happy to invest. Therefore it should be no surprise really that my entire bucket list is all about experiences ….
1. Swim in the Blue Lagoon and seek the Northern Lights in Iceland
2. Walk the Pilgrim Trail in Northern Spain
3. Climb to the top of Mount Snowden
4. Visit the Statue of Liberty  (This was my highlight from the trip to New York, you feel everything she stands for when there!)
5. For my daughter and I to do a road trip through Italy together
6. Do the Scotland North Coast 500 miles road trip (we have this planned for first 3 weeks of the summer school holiday in 2018)
7. Take a road trip in the USA  (I did a 3 day one through California on the Highway 1 – however its left me wanting to do another longer one!)
8. Go on a retreat to nourish, look within and find yourself.  (I did this a couple of years ago and my body and mind seems to be screaming out for another one!)
9. Do yoga and go on a yoga retreat (However I tried yoga at home and it made me feel sad!! I think i need to try this again before sacking it off!)
10. Take a month long city break through Europe via train.
I now plan to add …..
1. Learn Spanish – how have I got to this age and not learnt another language!
2. Be in a position to take 3 months off work to do a rural based photography project in my local area
3. Visit Costa Rica, eat mangos and see my friend M
4. Stay at a Buddhist retreat in Bali
What would yours be? Are yours experiences too? Have they changed over time?
beach photo's, santa barbara, california
Photo Field Trip, California 2016
California Road Trip. Highway 1
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3 Responses to “Bucket List”

  1. Isabelle

    I love your list! The Buddhist retreat sounds amazing! I want to see the Northern Lights too, but I’m fancying a trip to Denmark xox

  2. Debbie Harris

    Lovely to see all the things you’ve done so far – it’s inspired me to write mine down. I’ve also got a friend in Costa Rica who I’d love to visit. Don’t give up on the yoga – find a good class that won’t make you sad. I’ve been going to the same one for 10 years now. An hour and a half of postures and a meditation followed by coffee and cake!

  3. Elena

    Wow! That was really interesting to read!!! I guess I need to write my own bucket list, too 😉 Just one thing about yoga: as you know, I’ve been attending a course for 2 and a half months, and love it so far. I too attempted to do it at home first, but it wasn’t (even remotely) the same thing. I would suggest you join a course when you have the chance, I believe it makes a great difference!

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