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Every so often, I am happily editing and then the next picture that I come across is one of me that the second shooter took – I often have to look twice and I will think is that really what I look like! So, this time I was pro-active! Next time I had Boo with me second shooting, I asked her to take just a few pictures, almost like behind the scenes so that I could put together this post to share the set up and then the finished picture.

I have to warn you – it is not pretty! At a wedding, I get hot, a little bedraggled and often feel that I must look a mess!!

behind the scenes, norfolk wedding photography


This is what I am doing when I ask you to walk away from me – often thinking, oh thats a nice tree, let me use that to balance you while capturing the views that you chose for your wedding venue.

behind the scenes, norfolk wedding photography


That time when I am at a distance and you are telling each other about your mornings – all the magic happens then. Im not too close, you naturally embrace, you whisper, you smile, you laugh, you look at each other. Im not missing it, Im holding back and capturing you being you!



Yes, I have been known to ask you go in to a field or long grass or down a track. I promise to keep you closest to the edge and I will head right in there to get that shot. Such great sports for all going in the corn field.

behind the scenes, norfolk wedding photography


I often get little looks of horror when I suggest an old shed, or a crumbly wall but I am looking for the light, or some shade or just something a little different.



I love getting the little moments between the big moments. Of course, I will capture the kiss, the exchange of rings, the readings but I also love to capture the clasp of hands, the smiles, the little looks and everything else in between.

2015-10-05_0006 2015-10-05_0007 2015-10-05_0009 2015-10-05_0010


Thank You so much to Laura & Alistair for braving the corn field (it had been dry for days), embracing it and allowing the bottom of the dress to get a bit mucky.



As I go up ahead, it is to give you guys time alone – often the only time you get alone to properly catch up together, it also means I have the opportunity to glance around me and see what I can find for where to take your next pictures.

Thank You so so much to Amy & Craig and Laura and Alistair and all the couples that trust me to get the shots. xx

{Behind the scenes taken by Boo Marshall second shooting for Summer Love Photography}


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  1. Emma Walker

    lovely post Jo, and you look amazing xx

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