Beach Huts, Norfolk, Cliffs & 4 Beautiful People!

The aim of the day was to get a picture of Rachel with her brother as a birthday present for their mum. We wanted to keep it natural and relaxed and use the wonderful place that is Old Hunstanton, Norfolk for the pictures as this is somewhere they used to come when they were younger. The number of people i meet that came to Hunstanton as children is unbelievable – i think even when you live close to Norfolk it is such a special place!

Rachel and her brother each came with their respective partners so it was a great opportunity to get photo’s all together, with their loved ones and on their own in addition to the brother and sister combination. I loved it – it gave lots of variety and there were some laughs between us all!

You know on the day it was so windy but you tuck yourselves away near the beach huts and the dunes and you’d never know! So let me share with you 4 beautiful people, my favourite beach in Norfolk, beach huts and the orange cliffs ….

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