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On Friday evening the Guild of Professional Photographers had their Award Evening for Wedding, People and other Genre Photographers of the Year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go due to commitments on the Saturday but I sat and watched the live tweeting and Facebook updates as the winners were announced.

Now, I knew I had been shortlisted to be in the final Top Ten of the Wedding Category but I had no idea if I had made it into that top ten. I felt incredibly honoured even to be shortlisted let alone making it into the top ten! However, I was amazed, elated, proud, excited (and all those other describing words!) to get announced and have it confirmed I had made the top ten. Yes, little me, who started Summer Love Photography in March 2010 had made it into the Top Ten Wedding Photographers as judged by The Guild of Professional Photographers. Me, an Award Winning Photographer – how strange does that sound! I placed 7th. I honestly cannot describe to you how happy, proud and brilliant that makes me feel.

So how did it get there. Every month through 2013, I submitted images from all elements of a wedding to the Guild for critique, scoring and to see if it won a bronze, silver or gold bar. In total the Guild received over 10,000 images during 2013 to be scored and judged, which really brings home to me what an amazing achievement this is. The images had to be from real weddings, with real couples and not staged or styled shoots. With each month, I took the feedback and channelled it into my work as the year progressed. I quietly continued with this each month, gradually building up my scores and taking on board the feedback.

I have attached the images I submitted to this post, they are in no particular order.  This really is just celebrate that I have some amazing couples who have trusted me. Trusted me to take their photographs in what looks like an overgrown patch of weeds in a nature reserve, trusted me to stand in a little gathering of tree’s next to a cricket field, to walk into a little book shop but mainly to just simply relax and enjoy having their pictures taken on their amazing day. So really the big thank you goes to every wedding I have photographed as you have all been a little part of this journey.

Thanks you so much. Jo xx


9 Responses to “Award Winning Wedding Photography | Guild Of Professional Photographers”

  1. Sara Hazeldine

    So well deserved! Do you believe that now?! x

  2. Liz Greenhalgh

    You missed an amazing evening, I hope you can come next year. HUGE congratulations on your award, very well deserved. Here’s to an even better 2014 x Well done

  3. Alexa Loy

    Massively deserved. Amazing news. So proud of you Jo xx

  4. Anna

    Huge congratulations Jo , so well deserved x

  5. Karen Flower

    Congratulations Jo – such great news 🙂 Here’s to a fantastic 2014 xx

  6. Nicola Light

    Congratulations, well deserved! x

  7. Paula Devaix

    So pleased for you Jo – inspiration to us all to follow your dream and take a leap of faith! Xx

  8. Dave Butterworth

    Congratulations Jo for a well deserved place…..personally I’d have popped you in at First….

  9. Amanda White

    So well deserved, beautiful work x

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