An anniversary for Chantelle & Chris

I received an email from Chantelle saying that her and her partner had been together a year and to celebrate he had booked a lovely hotel outside of Cambridge and she was being thoroughly spoilt (how lovely **sigh**) and as a gift for the 2 of them she wanted to capture this time together by having a set of photographs together at the hotel. This was early december and we all had our fingers crossed for the white stuff but it wasn’t to be – however we did have a dry day that had that lovely winter sun to it so we were able to take full advantage of the grounds around the hotel. I hadn’t met Chantelle & Chris previously but we spent the afternoon chatting, laughing and getting to know each other whilst taking photographs and when looking through the stream it was evident how they relaxed as the afternoon progressed! I love these pictures – I love the winter knits, Chantelle’s mittens, how they laughed with each other and how blooming gorgeous they both are!!

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