A Shooting Sisters Weekend {The life of a photographer}

A little while ago, the photography group Shooting Sisters which I am a part of, decided for those that wanted to participate we would share our weekend in pictures for our blogs … so here we are ‘A weekend in the life of a photographer’.

For me, my weekend started on the Friday afternoon as I headed down to my fellow Shooting Sister Karen to spend the weekend there and to second shoot for her at an amazing Wedding the following day. I planned to just have some time to myself on the train journey, however i ended up sitting next to this amazing boy who turned out to be autistic and his special subject was trains so he talked me through everything he knew about the British Railway – fascinating!

After heading across London, Karen met me the other end and we headed back to drop our stuff off and head out to Hampton Court Palace to have a walk, coffee and cake and a good catch up. I had never been there and how i wish it had of been sunny so that i could have spent longer looking around!

However it wasn’t all coffee, cake and gossip – we had to remind ourselves that we had a wedding to photograph tomorrow, so getting back to the warm it was time to go over the plans for the wedding, looking at the timeline, the expectations of me as a second shooter and going through the gear we would be taking.

Work done ….. Karen cooked us all an amazing green Thai curry – all homemade too! Don’t think I have ever had Thai that hasn’t been out of a jar – so we stood in her kitchen warming our feet up with the underfloor heating, chatting, sharing with me Thai cooking tips and generally feeling at home.

On the Saturday, I second shot for Karen at such a beautiful venue with a gorgeous couple (no couple pictures as they won’t have even had their images yet!). The amazing thing of being part of the shooting sisters is that we have all offered each other opportunities to second shoot at weddings, experience different style weddings and share our knowledge and skills between us all openly. It is a fantastic place, like a virtual office, for us to have banter, talk through our work and ask questions!

This was a beautiful wedding that threw some challenges with lighting but how fantastic that we were both there and could chat to each other, talk through the challenges and help each other!

I had a wonderful weekend with Karen and the hospitality from Karen and her family was so welcoming. Her lovely boys are friendly (even though we couldn’t work out a coffee machine between us for the life of us!) and it was time to head home to be with my beautiful boys!

 As wonderful as it was to be away and have a mini break, it was lovely to come home, have a warm bath, cook our supper and see my lovely Lucas.

When I was picked up from the train station, Lucas and I sat in the back while he told me all about his weekend, the drive through movie he had been to with daddy and held my hand while repeating ‘I missed you’ … that’s what coming home is all about!

Once all the jobs were done, I ended my weekend curled up on the sofa in my PJ’s, warm and cosy watching Downtown Abbey with the dog next to me – Perfect!

Hope you all have fantastic weekends this week – let me know what you get up to! Lots of love. Jo xx

5 Responses to “A Shooting Sisters Weekend {The life of a photographer}”

  1. michelle waspe

    ahhhh what a lovely weekend you had.. lovely images xxx

  2. Becky Male

    Ahhh thank you for the insight into your weekend, I still haven’t shared mine! I loved the look of the wedding venue, so nice that you got to spend quality time with such a lovely Shooting Sister. xx

  3. Heidi

    Great photos Jo and a lovely insight to your weekend world xxx

  4. Karen Flower

    That’s really lovely Jo. It was so good to spend time with you and work with you. Thanks for making my house look tidy 😉 Sweet dog too.

  5. Lel

    What a lovely weekend, what a lovely home and the food looked awesome! Seeing Hampton Court is like being thrown back to my childhood as I grew up in Twickenham not far from there xx

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