2013 Reflections … 2014 Hopes & Dreams

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2013 has been the year of positive thinking, working really hard and making things happen. It is the year everything came together on a personal and professional level and I felt good about things.

With respect to Summer Love Photography – I had my busiest year yet and with complete honesty I can look back at the year and feel happy. I finally took on a Studio and not your typical Studio with lights and white background but something I had always dreamed off. A creative space that is light, airy, feminine and with such beautiful soft milky light. Its perfect.

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On a personal level, I became a grandma to the beautiful Gracie-Mai …

King's Lynn, Norfolk Newborn Photography

and my boy became Uncle Lucas (he is so so proud of being an Uncle and the only person he made a Christmas card for was his neice) …


As a result of little Gracie-Mai being born we became a family of 5 generations …

5 Generations small

2013 is the year I turned 40 (Eeeeekkkk!)


and whilst I was scared and nervous and didn’t think I would embrace it very well, it was actually all quite wonderful. I was whisked away to Paris …


and I fell in love with the city. You can read all about my trip on my blog here. After all that how can 2013 not have been wonderful!

So what do I hope and dream for in 2014.

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It felt like I worked all the hours there was available last year so this is all about finding some balance for me. I have forgotten what it is like to have a hobby, play board games with my son, have sneaky days out with my mum while my son is at school, watch a box set, read a book, snuggle with Gracie and not worry about editing – whilst I did do some of these things last year, it always felt like they were squeezed in.

With this in mind, my hopes and dreams for my 14 for 2014 will be …

  • Walk the dog everyday and not find excuses for my OH to do it for me.
  • To have a holiday (or two!)
  • To take a sneaky day off once a month that is just for shopping, the spa or even a duvet and box set or sunbathing day.
  • To cherish my 5 generations in my family – visiting my nan, days out with my mum and daughter and having my grand daughter come to stay.
  • To find routine in my work so that there is structure and good time management.
  • To have clear boundaries with my time in my work and not answer those emails out of office hours.
  • To enter competitions – I never do this and you know what is there to loose.
  • To write more frequently on my blog sharing tips, advice and insights. Aiming for once a week.
  • To go back to reading books and getting lost in them. An aim of 6 books this year.
  • To value myself, my time, my business and my product so that I can continue to grow.
  • To keep one weekend a month clear for family time, days out or just lazing in my PJ’s.
  • This will be the year I move house.
  • I will launch an e-course
  • To learn how to bake a cake (I can make a mean lasagne or roast dinner but can still not bake a cake!)

I am hoping that by working towards these goals I can begin to achieve some balance back into my life for my family, my well being and to enjoy time off.

Raw Juice Camp-1089I would love to hear about your goals … what do you hope for? what would you like to achieve?


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  1. Amy

    I’ll help you with the cake baking Jo 🙂 14 beautiful goals for 2014 x

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