10 Top Tips for Wedding Planning

Keep Calm & Marry On by Louise Jones

Top Tips for planning your wedding and staying calm

It’s been 5 months since I got married, and I’ve definitely got some perspective on our wedding day! Here are my 10 top tips for wedding planning and all you beautiful brides and gorgeous grooms to-be! 

1. Choose your bridal party wisely

It’s very easy to get caught up in all the excitement and extra attention that comes with being engaged, spending lots of extra time with friends and family celebrating. When choosing your bridal party, really think about your relationships with the people you have in mind, and don’t rush into your decisions. Bear in mind that if your wedding is a few years away, a lot can happen in that time – don’t feel you have to make your mind up as soon as you get engaged. If budget prevents you having all of your really close friends as bridesmaids and ushers, don’t forget you can include special people in your big day in other ways, such as reading a piece during your ceremony or being a witness.

2. Don’t skimp on your photographer

When thinking about your budget, make sure you allow a good amount for photography. The images from your day are invaluable, and as your memories may fade, the photographs are there to keep those memories alive. On the day of your wedding there is so much going on, you’re bound to miss moments that your photographer has captured forever – so spend that little extra, it won’t be something that you regret, I promise.

3. Shop around

There are so many bits and bobs to buy, believe me, but if you take your time with each item and shop around to get the best price, you will end up saving yourselves a pretty penny. My biggest bargain was some lovely personalised robes for my bridesmaids, which I saved over 50% on.

4. Take spare shoes

If you’ve got yourself a lovely pair of heels, even with the best will in the world, your feet might not be able to last in them for the whole day. Take a spare pair of comfortable flats for if your feet can’t take any more – the last thing you want to do is miss out on dancing with your guests because of sore feet!

5. Accept help from others

I am such a control freak, so when the planning all started I was pretty much adamant that I wanted to do everything myself, plus you never really know if the odd person who says ‘if you need any help, you know where I am’ actually means it! If people offer a helping hand, grab hold of it. There is so much to be done, even just an opinion on something can go a thousand miles in making the whole process easier and stress-free.

6. Get organised

Lists, lists and more lists! In my opinion a list is vital. My head was so full of thoughts, ideas and worries that my list became my saviour. Ticking things off was really satisfying and each tick cleared a space in my mind for another wedding thought! I even had a list for each day leading up to the wedding so I didn’t forget to pick anything up or do anything!

7. Choose things that you want 

You can’t please everyone, neither should you try to. Think foremost about what you and your husband-to-be want, and the things that are essential to you both. Unfortunately there will always be someone who will have something to say about one thing or another, but ultimately as long and you and your husband are happy that’s the most important thing.

8. Have hair and make-up trials

Most beauty packages will include a trial, but if it doesn’t, I would 100% suggest you book a trial before your wedding day. Not only is it an opportunity to see how your make-up will look on the day, it’s ideal if you wanted to make any changes and it really settles your nerves knowing you are happy with how your hair and make-up will look. I made sure I had an evening out planned after my trial – it seemed a shame to waste it!

9. Don’t impulse buy

There are so many ideas and trends for weddings already out there, with more and more appearing. It’s very easy to see things you like and buy them off the cuff, without thinking if you actually need them or if they will fit into your theme or indeed your budget. If you can’t quite decide on an item, discuss it with your fiancé, sleep on it, and if you’re sure then by all means go and buy it.

10. Have some non-wedding related time with your husband

Wedding plans can become all you can think about/talk about, so do take some time off. Chances are even thought you may have been dreaming about your perfect wedding since you were a little girl, your future husband can’t say the same – so go on dates and enjoy each other’s company, and try to have a break from wedding planning. It will make the lead up to the wedding less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our wedding day was by far the best day of my life, and I hope these tips go some way into helping you to have the best wedding you could have ever dreamed of.

10 Top Tips for staying calm during your wedding planning

10 Top Tips for staying calm during your wedding planning

10 Top Tips for staying calm during your wedding planning

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