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Every wedding is completely different - for me it is all about the people, the relationships, the emotions, the little in-between moments and most of all the story! This is what drives me, engages me and makes me smile.

Capturing Your Story:

My style of photography is all about capturing those moments. Those moments that make up the story of your wedding day. The nervous clasp of hands, the sideways glances, small smiles, laughter, eyes closed, cuddles and even the tears. It is not purely documentary as I may move something that is in the background or ask if you could have your make up done a little closer to the window for better light. However, there is very little interference in the natural way the day unfolds. Whats important is that I capture your day as it is - real and as it happens. I don't do pinterest set ups but that is only because that isn't your wedding day and in years to come you will only remember that it was set up as opposed to it being a real emotion or part of your day

The key ingredient here for me is people - to me that equates to characters, relationships, moments that you remember, moments that are those in-between moments, emotions and telling a story. That's what I strive to achieve during the photography and as an end product.

Its all about the people. 

My favourite part of the day is going for a bride and groom walk, this is such an amazing time, you are husband and wife and it is often your first time alone together after the ceremony. Capturing those images is intimate and incredibly special. I will offer little bits of direction to encourage natural engagement if it is needed but more often than not, even those couples who say they are shy about having their pictures taken just naturally hug, smile and look at each other - therefore creating the perfect moments for me to capture.

It is difficult to sum up the approach in a few simple words, but words I like to use are story-telling, freedom, natural, relaxed, space, beautiful, soul.